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The Personal Trainers

Behavior Boot Camp is run by BCBAs that felt the limited options for exam prep weren't enough. Armed with 10 years of experience in the field, and stacks of research on study methods, they built Behavior Boot Camp. While it's still evolving, Behavior Boot Camp currently provides a structured and goal oriented method to prepare for the exam. Through a combination of SAFMEDS, Standard Celeration Charts, and Study Calendars, Behavior Boot Camp is here to meet your study needs and get you in shape for the test.



Rebecca currently owns and operates The Language and Behavior Center in the Metro DC area. She has worked in the field since 2004, providing home-based, clinic-based, and school-based services to children and adults with Autism and related disorders. Rebecca received her BCaBA in 2010, followed by her BCBA in 2014. When studying for the exams, she developed study resources for herself and her classmates that consisted of calendars, SAFMEDS, guided notes, and summaries. It wasn't until she met Kate that she considered sharing these resources with a wider audience. Rebecca is passionate about research as well as supervision, which is evident in the comprehensive and research-based exam prep materials Behavior Boot Camp has developed.



Kate is working as a BCBA in New Jersey, with a temporary summer relocation to California. While she has always had a connection to working with the special needs population, she has worked in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, specifically, since 2009, in the home, school, and center-based settings. She studied Special Education in college, and in graduate school at George Mason University, where she also completed her BACB approved course work. She struggled to find a method of studying that worked uniquely for her, and finally settled on a mixture of modalities which she found it to be motivating, and thorough. She passed the BCaBA exam in 2013, and the BCBA exam in 2014. She enjoys continuing to learn about and apply behavior analysis throughout different aspects of her life.

Kate and Rebecca met and have remained close colleagues throughout their careers. They share the desire to encourage other students of behavior analysis to have a thorough and applicable understanding of the BACB material to help build the future of behavior analysis.

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